Trusted Advisor.

A History of High Net Worth Experience

Josh has managed legacy assets including
real estate holdings spanning from Hartford
Connecticut to a 2700-acre ranch on the
Costa Rican coast.

In Denver and Beyond

From a wealth management position
with Morgan Stanley to a move into real
estate, Josh quickly established himself
as one of Denver’s top producers for
LIV Sotheby’s.

A Rare Perspective

Josh’s experience as a professional athlete
provides deep insight into the lifestyle
that most people simply can’t relate to.
His background in asset and wealth
management for numerous high net worth
clients provides a more complete view of real
estate as an asset, ensuring the right fit for
both your lifestyle and your portfolio.

Working Together

A successful relationship with your
realtor needs to be built on trust. With
Josh, it begins with a conversation. He
works with you to determine your wants
and needs – whether you’re buying or
selling. He’s committed to finding you the
ideal match – for you, your living space,
and your investment.

Start your conversation with Josh McKinley today.